Kim William Gordon
"In Absentia Luci, Tenebrae Vincunt"
(In the absence of light, darkness prevails)

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I am working on a series of 11 original film images - shot with either a 4" X 5" view camera, or a 8" X 10" pin hole camera.

These will be one of a kind images, printed to 11" X 14" on traditional fiber based paper.
Each print will be signed and delivered with the negative.
These will be original art black and white photographs - never to be reproduced, unless you choose to do so (you will have the negative).

Each signed print / negative will be priced at $600 US

Prints will be of a landscape scene or wildlife image of the artists choice. Printing session will be complete by March 11, 2015.
Prints will be numbered "1 of 1" and signed with a letter of artists comment.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of my mother.
Advance reservation is recommended. 50% is required.



Upcoming Workshops:

The Fundamentals of Exposure and Composition.

A three hour workshop designed for individuals who want to know more about the fundamentals of exposure control and the basics of composition.
A short review of traditional darkroom processing will be included, as digital photography is firmly rooted in these technologies.
Bring your camera!
$125 in advance, $150 at the session.
email for details.

Future workshops will include "Darkroom Techniques" and "Field Photography"


The Quantum Art of Seeing.

A three day workshop designed for individuals who know or desire to learn that photographic seeing is a quantum mechanical moment experience.
On site photography is in the field, sessions will include several remarkable sites in the Missouri Ozark region.
A SLR digital is required, a 4" X 5" field camera is highly recommended.

And, as always, a tripod is standard equipment.

$1,500 tuition, hotel and travel not included. $500 deposit required.

email for details.

Future workshops will include "Fractal Images" and "Capturing the quantum flux"


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Discovering the essence of a landscape, attempting to capture the inspiring bounty of our planet, teasing out the rapturous beauty of a natural setting;
enticing ever busy Mother Nature to hold still for just a moment to take her portrait - that is what photography is to me.
It is within that brief quantum moment of time in which I truly know what it is to be alive and connected to this universe.

And for that moment, in that moment alone - fleeting, yet ever eternal - is when I am at peace.


Photographic Sampler               "CleanUp Time Project"

All work is also available directly through the artist.
Print sizes available:
5X7, 8X10, 11X14, 13X19, 24X36, 36 X60


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Kim's You Tube Series on Photography (Three parts):


Kim William Gordon on Photography Part ONE
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